Finding equality in biomedicine that was lost in translation

Lasker Foundation, this year, asked medical students, residents, junior doctors and researchers around the world to describe how a notable scientist has inspired them – through the scientist’s personality, life experiences, and/or through their scientific contributions. Here is my submission, which although was not shortlisted, reflects my journey as a Malaysian medical student and the wonderful opportunities toContinue reading “Finding equality in biomedicine that was lost in translation”

Take a sip from our salted tea

Hi there. Yes you, looking in through the windows from the sidewalk of Bangsar. Please come in and take a seat. You’re about to enter a friendly neighbourhood “English”-style cafe. But before you come in, we only ask you to get off your high horse, pretend to take off the luggage of prejudices that youContinue reading “Take a sip from our salted tea”

Mid-November Resolution

Somedays I kick myself so hard for being a self-destructive pessimist. I have so much to be grateful for – a loving mom, an understanding sister and a stable foreseeable future. But yet, thoughts constantly drift towards pieces of puzzle that don’t quite fit. Some of these pieces are so badly misshapen that they noContinue reading “Mid-November Resolution”

My obsession with a shadow

As my first year final exams edge closer, I’m embarrassed to say that I’m spending 90% of my time procrastinating – thinking about a silhouette who barely gives a damn about my existence. A shadow – one that has been clouding my mind, ripping apart the tall wall I’ve spent years building as a safeguardContinue reading “My obsession with a shadow”