My obsession with a shadow

As my first year final exams edge closer, I’m embarrassed to say that I’m spending 90% of my time procrastinating – thinking about a silhouette who barely gives a damn about my existence. A shadow – one that has been clouding my mind, ripping apart the tall wall I’ve spent years building as a safeguardContinue reading “My obsession with a shadow”

Talk nerdy to me! – effective science communication

Howdy, folks! It’s my first post in 2017, besides the resolution update earlier this year (which I’ve totally been following, duh.) and I want to start with a bang (*cue sound effect*)! So, I’ve had the pleasure to attend the Famelab Malaysia 2017 Masterclass training session for 2 days, hosted by British Council & MIGHT and run byContinue reading “Talk nerdy to me! – effective science communication”