Guide to medical school application for Malaysian students

The purpose of this post is to guide Malaysian pre-med (high school and college) students who are considering an application to medical school. Since many medical schools worldwide have a wide range of selection (specific to each school), my focus is to provide a general idea that will form a foundation for most, if notContinue reading “Guide to medical school application for Malaysian students”

The genetics of race among other lies you’ve been told

I was in my 2nd year of medical school when I jumped into a heated Facebook discussion with my consultant about using race as a proxy to stratify and diagnose patients in Malaysia. The trigger for the discussion was slightly unconventional – a TED talk by the race activist, Dorothy Roberts and my time spentContinue reading “The genetics of race among other lies you’ve been told”

Putting dengue into perspective

If you’ve been to Kuala Lumpur, the capital state of Malaysia, then you certainly would’ve caught a glimpse of the Petronas Twin Towers. They’re hard to miss; the two sisters standing tall and proud at 452 metres, with aircraft warning lights easily mistaken for twin stars in the night sky. Beyond skyscrapers and other urbanContinue reading “Putting dengue into perspective”

Finding equality in biomedicine that was lost in translation

Lasker Foundation, this year, asked medical students, residents, junior doctors and researchers around the world to describe how a notable scientist has inspired them – through the scientist’s personality, life experiences, and/or through their scientific contributions. Here is my submission, which although was not shortlisted, reflects my journey as a Malaysian medical student and the wonderful opportunities toContinue reading “Finding equality in biomedicine that was lost in translation”

Take a sip from our salted tea

Hi there. Yes you, looking in through the windows from the sidewalk of Bangsar. Please come in and take a seat. You’re about to enter a friendly neighbourhood “English”-style cafe. But before you come in, we only ask you to get off your high horse, pretend to take off the luggage of prejudices that youContinue reading “Take a sip from our salted tea”

Mid-November Resolution

Somedays I kick myself so hard for being a self-destructive pessimist. I have so much to be grateful for – a loving mom, an understanding sister and a stable foreseeable future. But yet, thoughts constantly drift towards pieces of puzzle that don’t quite fit. Some of these pieces are so badly misshapen that they noContinue reading “Mid-November Resolution”